13 Years of Mentality

April 19th, 2016

April 19th, 2003. San Jose Earthquakes vs Kansas City Wizards at Spartan Stadium. It was day one for our group which started with about 15 people. The intention was to take fanaticism and support to a level that was unseen in this league. Everything we did from doing tifo, to our songs, to the unity and brotherhood within our membership was accomplished with mentality, originality, and heart.

Fast forward to 13 years later. Plenty of changes have taken place. Most of our original membership has changed. We’ve seen team rosters and management come and go. We’ve changed stadiums several times. We’ve seen the team raise the MLS Cup and finish last in the standings. We’ve seen the team leave San Jose and return. Despite these ups and downs, some things have stayed the same since day one: old-school ultra mentality, unconditional loyalty to our club and each other, and, most of all, our principles. Those things will never change. They are what have guided us in a league where quantity>quality and where most other groups run themselves like corporations and businesses.

After dozens of games at home and on the road and hundreds of hours away from our families and loved ones, we are ready for more. And, just like on the first day, you will continue to see and hear us in the stands singing our songs and raising hell for the city and team that we all love unconditionally.