All-Star Game and SJU

July 28th, 2016

Since we have received a lot of questions from other Quakes fans, we wanted to clarify that we, the San Jose Ultras, will not attend the MLS All-Star Game at Avaya.  Last week, we were contacted by sponsors of the event who offered us money and other promotional materials.  We were also invited to appear on a TV show promoting the All-Star Game. Although the offers we received were generous and came from a good place, it is against our principles to accept them. We are not walking billboards.  We don’t seek media exposure or sing on command for the cameras or for publicity.  Most of all, we are not a group of entertainers who provide atmosphere for whatever team or event that pays us. Additionally, we have received numerous warnings from league officials that our group would be under intense scrutiny during the event.  We found this amusing since, with the exception of Chris Wondolowski, David Bingham, and Dominic Kinnear being involved with the All-Star team, this game is irrelevant to us.  It is unclear why league officials are behaving with such hostility and why they would think we would try to ruin their party – a party we never wanted to be part of.  See you all on August 5th when we’ll support OUR team, the San Jose Earthquakes.