June 14th, 2017

Supporting a team that is consistently one of the worst in the entire league season after season teaches you a lot about patience. You learn to deal with little things like not making the playoffs in years, own goals, idiotic red cards, losing derbies, etc. We will NEVER have patience for a lack of effort, the complete absence of urgency, and disrespecting one of the oldest pro clubs in the United States who happens to put food on your tables.
We’ll ignore the fact that with the exception of Wondo, the rest of you didn’t even have the grace and manners to acknowledge the people who traveled hundreds of miles to support you throughout the whole game despite another terrible performance. It’s happened so many times in the past that we’ve gotten used to it. However, what happened hours after the game was disrespectful not only to us, but most of all to the club that we dedicate a huge part of our lives to, and ultimately to your own selves as professional athletes. What exactly were you celebrating? Two losses in six days against league rivals? Dropping under the playoff line in the bottom of the standings where we have finished seven times in the past nine years?
Let’s get something straight: we support and sacrifice for our colors, the crest, and the few who have earned the love and respect of Quakes fans by giving their all and fighting for their honor. In over 14 years of supporting this club, we have seen hundreds of players come and go, most of whom are long forgotten for having the same lackluster attitude you’ve been showing lately. We are ultras. We don’t care about autographs and selfies with you all. We only care about you giving 100% on the field just like we give you 100% in the stands. You’re badly mistaken if you think we’re going to tolerate you disrespecting our beloved club, your fanbase, and our city by refusing to give 100% and behave like professionals before, during, and after the games.