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We have been supporting the San Jose Earthquakes for 20 years. Here’s our contribution to the club in numbers.

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The San Jose Ultras Today

The San Jose Ultras is the largest of the several groups that support the San Jose Earthquakes. We are an independent crew of hardcore Earthquakes fans who dedicate our lives to supporting the team with heart and mentality through songs, tifo, and travel. For over a decade, the group has distinguished itself through the quality of its support – a result of our strong European roots and our equally strong local character. 

As of the 2024 season, you will find us in the new supporter’s sections at the bottom of sections 117 and 118 at Paypal Park. Aside from our work supporting the team in the stands, we organize a number of different activities for our members and guests like pre-game tailgates, away game viewing parties, road trips for our away derby matches, tifo parties, and various off-season activities like group meetings, academy games, BBQ’s, and fundraisers. While we work hard, we have a lot of fun.

If you feel like that kind of experience is for you, join us. We gladly invite new members to our family who want to help us take the group to the next level and inspire the team to play their best and achieve greatness for the crest and for San Jose.

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Our History

The San Jose Ultras were founded on April 19, 2003 by two Romanian immigrants with the goal of bringing the hardcore European style of support they were used to back home in Bucharest to San Jose. The group occupied the South End and Section 135 of Spartan Stadium from 2003-2005, Sections 101 and 109 of Buck Shaw Stadium from 2008-2014 and Section 118-117 of PayPal Park.

A key moment in the group’s history occurred during the second leg of the 2003 Western Conference semifinals against arch-rival Los Angeles Galaxy in which the Earthquakes were down 4-0. The Ultras unveiled a message banner proclaiming: “Win or Lose, we will always be here for you!” The Earthquakes scored 5 goals to win 5-4, and the slogan became a rallying cry for the group. This slogan is the basis behind our entire group. We have seen everything over the years including championships and bottom of the standings performances but we are still here. No matter what you do, we will be here for you, supporting black and blue!

Our Gallery

Heart of An Ultra: Part One

This series follows the history of the San Jose Ultras through the first 20 years of their existence.

Part 1: On April 19th, 2003, the San Jose Ultras are making their first appearance. The group’s first season ends with the Quakes winning the MLS Cup. What follows shakes the organization and its fanbase to their core.


Heart of An Ultra: Part Two

This series follows the history of the San Jose Ultras through the first 20 years of their existence.

Part 2: After three painful years, the Quakes are ressurected! New ownership, new roster and new hope. Some ups like New York away and the magic of 2012, but mostly downs on the field. Off the field, the Ultras make the Quakes temporary stadium, Buck Shaw, truly feel like home.


Heart of An Ultra: Part Three

This series follows the history of the San Jose Ultras through the first 20 years of their existence.

Part 3: In 2015, the Quakes finally built their own home. SJU honor the occasion with a memorable tifo. A new era begins! While the team is still struggling to find its old glory, there is no shortage of memorable games. The passion of the support from the stands remains intact.